The Honors Project

At the end of 2011, I launched a reading project for myself. I will be submitting an application for a master’s program at my school as well as applying to the honors program in economics. I am hopeful that my applications into both of these programs will be accepted, and my plan is for food to be the central topic of my thesis. (More information on why I decided to do this project can be found in my introductory post.)

For the purpose of the Honors Project, I will be concentrating on:

  • Food: I’m primarily interested in books tracing the history and development of America’s food system. Although there is still room for memoirs about life on a farm or eating locally, I would like to maintain a focus largely on non-memoir, nonfiction books.
  • Economics: Typically, my economics professor assigns the first few chapters or random chapters of a book, discuss it in class, and then move on. Typically, I add the title to my TBR list and then move on. I would like to smooth over the gaps in my education of popular economics. I can tell you all sorts of things about the Solow model, but please do not ask me about the present economic troubles.
  • Geography: This is my second major and while it is not the primary focus of my honors thesis, it is what I will be perusing my master’s degree in. These titles might take a bit of a backburner to those above, but I do hope to incorporate a few of these titles into my readings for this project. I used the term “geography” vary broadly here to select books for this particular goal.

I am keeping track of my potential reads for the Honors Project as well as those I do read in a Google spreadsheet. Recommendations are certainly appreciated and accepted. You can browse through my posts by checking out the category, “Honors Project”. Thoughts on each book read for this project can be found listed on my Book Log as well as listed below based on subject.




At the conclusion of 2012, I ended this project. Thoughts on the highlights of this project can be seen in my In Review post from January, 2013.

Please feel free to share your thoughts

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