2010 Book Log

After relocating from my old blog to this blog, I gave myself a break and said I did not have to review every book I read. I certainly held myself to this! My goal for this year was not to reach a certain number of books read or to read off certain lists. Instead, my goal was to select books that looked interesting, savor the books I do read, and abandon the ones that don’t grab me. I abandoned quite a few books compared to years past, and certainly allowed myself to read what looked interesting (hence the plethora of Amish fiction).


* denotes re-read

/ denotes duel title

“” denotes short story/play

^ denotes required reading

` denotes abandoned





  • The Atmosphere (Frederick K. Lutgens and Edward J. Tarbuck)^
  • Centennial (James A. Michener)*
  • Geographies of Global Change (R.J. Johnston, Peter J. Taylor, and Michael J. Watts)^
  • Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits (Laila Lalami)^
  • Intro Stats (Richard D. De Veaux, Paul F. Velleman, and David E. Bock)^
  • “M. Butterfly” (David Henry Hwang)^
  • Macroeconomics (Olivier Blanchard)^
  • Plain Perfect (Beth Wiseman)
  • Under the Banner of Heaven (Jon Krakauer)
  • Weaving a Family (Barbara Katz Rothman)`
  • Wideacre (Philippa Gregory)`
  • The Woman Warrior (Maxine Hong Kingston)^
  • World Regions in Global Context (Sallie A. Marston, Paul L. Knox, and Diana M. Liverman)^









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