Ardent Reader features over 750 book reviews and reflects the unique reading tastes of its writer, Christina (aka theardentreader). The site has a particular focus on classic literature; nonfiction books about the Middle East, genocide or religion; and novels commonly referred to as Jane Austen FanFiction. Other often read genres include dystopian fiction, Amish fiction, and historical fiction. All books reviewed were purchased or borrowed from the public library unless otherwise noted.

I, Christina, have been blogging about books since January 2008 and reside in the United States. I hold a bachelors degree in economics and geography as well as a masters degree in geographic information sciences. During the day, I work as a computer programmer in the geospatial field; at night, I am an ardent reader. I can be contacted via email at theardentreader@gmail.com, on twitter @theardentreader, or via the comment section below.

Please note I do not participate in blog tours, allow guest posts, or review self-published work. Currently, I am not accepting review copies, but my review policy is available for future reference.



One comment

  1. Teri Sinopoli

    Hi Christina – I so enjoyed our conversation about classics… Your blog site is full of wonderful books and critiques. I will visit it often. Cheers, Teri

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