20 Books of Summer 2019 Recap

my-postToday marks the (unofficial) end to summer in the United States, meaning it is has finally stopped raining every single day between 4 and 5pm and interfering with my plans to hike or bike after work.

Today is also the official end to 20 Books of Summer, a reading challenge hosted by Cathy of 746 Books where participants are encouraged to read 20 books from their to-be-read (TBR) stack between Monday, June 3 and today, September 2.

Back at the beginning of June, I shared twenty books I hoped to read for the challenge, and I’m quite pleased that I managed to read 15 of the 20 on my original list plus. In alphabetical order by title and with links to my reviews, here are the books I read:

When I made my original list for the challenge, I didn’t anticipate how much traveling I’d be doing between June and September and didn’t include a single title off my Kindle, which is my go-to while traveling. Thankfully, Cathy is flexible with her “rules” for this challenge, allowing participants to swap in other books and count them towards their challenge total.

So, I reached my full goal of 20 books by reading four books off my Kindle and listening to one book on audio off my Audible account. In alphabetical order by title and with links to my reviews, here are the books I read that weren’t on my original list:

As with last year, so many of the books I read for this challenge ended up being quite good and I’m a little perturbed I left them sitting on my shelves for so long. My least favorites on this list were You Would Have Missed Me and Niccolò Rising, but Into the Whirlwind, The Moor’s AccountThe Last Summer and The Wild Inside received five star ratings from me on GoodReads. A very successful summer of reading, I have to say!

Thanks again to Cathy for hosting this fun challenge. I hope everyone who participated — and those who didn’t — had a great summer (or, winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere) of reading!



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