20 Books of Summer 2018 Recap

20-booksYesterday marked the (unofficial) end to summer in the United States and the official end to 20 Books of Summer, a challenge hosted by Cathy of 746 Books. Back at the beginning of June, I shared twenty books I hoped to read for the challenge, and I’m quite pleased that I managed to read 15 of the 20 on my list. In alphabetical order by title and with links to my reviews, here are the books I read:

So many of the books I read for this challenge ended up being quite good and I’m a little perturbed I left them sitting on my shelves for so long. My least favorite on this list was The Last of the Mohicans, but City of Thieves and Rolling Blackouts received five star ratings from me on GoodReads.

Seven others on this list received four stars, including two war novels that surprised me in the best way possible — William, an Englishman and The Silver Lady. And now I want to read Denise Mina’s entire back catalog of crime novels after reading The End of the Wasp Season for this challenge.

Plans to do so, though, will have to wait because I’ve pulled another 15 books (plus the five I didn’t get to from this challenge) from my shelves and plan to focus on them over the coming months. It’s become clear to me over the last three months that my pattern of reading by whim really means I read only from the library. So I’m hoping to keep the momentum of clearing off my shelves that Cathy’s challenge provided going into the fall.

Thanks again to Cathy for hosting this fun challenge. I hope everyone who participated — and those who didn’t — had a great summer (or, winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere) of reading!

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  1. Congrats on doing such a great job with your challenge! I think I’m the same way too — if I just let mood dictate my reading, it’s all library books. I need to find a way to pull some of the books off my shelves and actually read them, or I’ll never manage to finish them.


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