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Enjoying | A friend came to visit on Friday night into Saturday — we went out to my favorite restaurant in Chinatown, watched “Thumbalina” as she was horrified to learn I had never seen, tried out a new place for brunch, and took the subway to the southern portion of the city to check out a long, rambling path along the Neponset River. I’ve been suffering from off-and-on knee pain for most of the month so I worried the 6-mile walk would do me in. But I woke up this morning feeling great.

Reading | Of course, the lack of knee didn’t stop me from spending this morning on the couch reading bell hook’s All About Love. I’m not a religious person, but there was something so lovely and almost poignant about reading a series of essays on love on Easter Sunday. I finished the book this morning and moved onto The Geography of Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler.

Listening | I’m currently in between audiobooks, and I think that might have something to do with my recent discovery of two podcasts — “The Ezra Klein Show” and “On Being”. The former is a long-form interview on politics in America with different actors — Senator Cory Booker, a lobbyist, a pundit at the Heritage Foundation — by the head blogger/columnist/editor at Vox. The later is another long-form interview hosted by Krista Tippett with doctors, philosophers, activists, poets, scientists, etc. I’ve been going back through the archives and was thrilled to discover this interview with Barbara Kingsolver from 2010.

Finishing | This is the last week of the TBR Triple Dog Dare. I read twelve books off my TBR pile, including audiobooks as all were on my iPod before the beginning of 2016. But giving myself permission to participate in #ComicsFebruary was a slippery slope, and I ended up reading eight comics from the library (plus book club selections). I am still going to prioritize reading off my own shelves in the coming months. Try to repeat that promising start from January.

Anticipating | April will be a busy but exciting month for me — vacation, my twenty-fifth birthday, apartment hunting, new projects at work and in my personal life to focus on. I think my motto for April will be a statement I highlighted this morning in bell hooks’s book, “I am breaking with old patterns and moving forward with my life”.

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