Recent Acquisitions

FullSizeRenderAnother first Saturday of the month; another used book sale at the library. I dragged a friend along before we went off to the movies and as I was putting books in the provided shopping basket, she asked, “You ever think you have a book buying problem?” No more than any other bookworm, and stop trying to discouraging reading!

The Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon is the fourth book in her series so there’s one more I’ll need to read before I get to it. Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver is the sequel to The Bean Trees, which my book club read last month and I enjoyed. Philippa Gregory is a favorite author of mine and, no, I have never read The Fault in Our Stars. The YA librarian in my book club was horrified to hear me say that.

Not pictured is The Geography of Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler, which my mom passed along to me over the Thanksgiving holidays. And the rest are impulse buys because they sounds good and because maybe I do have a book buying problem. Good thing I’ve got the Dare coming up to help me clear the shelves.


  1. Ti

    I love a good book stack. I haven’t read that Kingsolver but I’ve read her other books and there’s usually plenty to think about. Fault in our Stars is just so good.


    • The woman staffing the check out counter at the book sale kept gushing about this particular Kingsolver and tried to get me to purchase the other three Kingsolver books for sale, but I’ve read or owned them already. I’ve yet to hear a bad thing about The Fault In Our Stars. I’m just a whimp it comes to books I know will make me cry!


    • Yes, finally, a positive review for Forster! I’ve never read anything by him and cannot remember seeing a discussion of his work lately, but I know his works are supposed to be classics so I couldn’t resist purchasing Howard’s End.


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