Sunday Salon: Currently in March


Wintering | New England was slammed by four terrible winter storms in three weeks so I’ve been “wintering” a lot – staying inside, drinking hot tea, working from home, and reading or watching television. Getting anywhere has been next to impossible thanks to an often closed public transit network, but I did manage to go cross-country skiing twice and snowshoeing once so all this snow hasn’t been a total loss.

Visiting | The newly renovated second floor of my public library opened last weekend. I missed the grand opening and tours due to an earlier commitment, but I did stop by after work one day and, oh my word, is it beautiful. The new children’s library is so bright and colorful, and the teen room actually makes me wish I was in high school again so I could hang out there. The picture above is of the teen room, but you can see more detailed photographs here and get a better sense of how drastic the changes were. So long drab 1970s, protest architecture!

Reading | I’m slowly but surely making my way through Julie Orringer’s The Invisible Bridge, which follows a Hungarian Jew named Andras Lévi to architecture school in Paris in the years before Hitler’s invasion of France. Andras becomes involved in an affair with an older woman, and…that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I also started Berlin Noir by the British author Philip Kerr. This collection of detective novels set in 1930s Germany includes March Violets, The Pale Criminal, and A German Requiem.

Listening | Unfortunately, none of the audiobooks I have loaded on my iPod are holding my attention. I’ve jumped from The Iliad by Homer (read by Stanley Lombardo and Susan Sarandon) to The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd (read by Jenna Lamia and Adepero Oduye) to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling (read by Jim Dale). Yet nothing has kept me enthralled for more than an hour or two (yes, even Harry Potter!). The podcast “Serial” earned a lot of buzz towards the end of 2014, and listening to it instead of audiobooks has opened up a bit of a rabbit hole in my listening — “Freakonomics”, “ShondaLand Revealed”, “Stuff You Missed in History Class”, and “The History of Rome”. Some informative; some not so much.

Participating | March is the final month of the TBR Double Dog Dare. I haven’t made as much progress on clearing off my shelves as I would have liked. Only seven of the twenty books I’ve read have come from my (physical) shelves and the rest have either been audiobooks or for my book club(s). Knowing full well that I’ve scaled back my reading in the past two months, I’d like to hit a total of ten physical books read by the end of the March before I allow myself to take home library books again.

Anticipating | Spring. Or, the end of the TBR Double Dog Dare so I can explore the second floor of the library.

The Sunday Salon:

The Sunday The Sunday Salon encourages bloggers to get together –at their separate desks, in their own particular time zones– every Sunday and read. And blog about their reading. And comment on one another’s blogs. Salon participants are encouraged to blog about their time spent reading, pages read, information about current reading, discuss a reaction to a book, state what they plan to read the following week, or make suggestions for a group read.


  1. You guys have had such a crazy winter! I know everyone is wishing for spring to come quickly. Looks like you’ve been making the most of it, though.

    I have a really tough time with fiction on audio–to the point where I rather listen to nonfiction books. I really liked Freakanomics a while back but haven’t listened to the sequel or the podcast.

    Hope you have a great week Christina!


    • I can listen to fiction if it’s a crime novel or a storyline I’m already familiar with (e.g. Harry Potter). Nonfiction can be hit or miss. Sometimes I need those citations and to see the numbers for myself.

      I enjoyed the sequel to Freakanomics and have the third book, Think Like a Freak, on my to-read list. One day…

      Happy March, Trish!


    • Yes, I have a relative who lives in Minnesota and they keep saying they’re glad it’s happening to those of us in Boston instead to Minnesota.

      I thought I could but it hasn’t be as successful as I had hoped. At least, I haven’t checked any non-book club books out of the library.


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