Read-a-Thon Reads


October is one of my favorite months in the year — the changing leaves, the crisp and cool weather. Perfect atmosphere for curling up with a good book, especially during Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon on Saturday. (Of course, I say this as the temperature climbs into the high 70s and the humidity is “ponytail weather”, according to the local weatherman.)

This is my fifth read-a-thon, but I haven’t been able to participate for the last two years due to university. (The read-a-thon is always scheduled during midterms in October and the big push towards finals in April.) I am very excited to no longer have that obstacle in my way and to be able to participate this time around. So excited, in fact, that I rejoined twitter in order to make cheering people on easier. Feel free to follow me there, if you are so inclined.

I selected seven titles — a mix of library books and from my personal collection — for the read-a-thon. Looking over my posts from the last four go-arounds, shorter books motivate me more than longer novels so I focused on those books as well as ones with a suspenseful element.

  • Anne Frank and Me (Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld)
  • Homeless Bird (Gloria Whelan)
  • In the Shadow of Gotham (Stefanie Pinott)
  • Jar City (Arnaldur Indriðason)
  • News from Heaven (Jennifer Haigh)
  • The Night Quest (Fiona McFarlane)
  • What Would Mr. Darcy Do? (Abigail Reynolds)

Not photographed is my current audiobook, Drood by Dan Simmons. I’m listening to this one for Trish’s #droodalong and have about 30 percent of the novel left. I’ll be listening to this during breaks to rest my eyes and move around.

Eight books may seem like a lot, but I’m not putting any pressure on myself to finish a certain number or read for a certain number of hours. I’m just excited to be participating once more. Happy reading to all!


    • Options are always good. I’ve done the read-a-thon in the past where I tried to limit myself to certain books and that inevitably backfired. Hope you have a great time on Saturday!


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