Time Out Shortlist: Dublin

9785963Nonfiction — print. Time Out Guides, 2009. 160 pgs. Gift.

I supplemented the information in this book quite heavily with other guidebooks because I started planning for my trip to Ireland before I received this book for Christmas. I also wanted to travel outside of Dublin in order to see more of Ireland, which the book is obviously not suited for. But I’m always looking for a small guidebook with good maps that I can slip into my purse and pull out when I find myself in an unfamiliar area or with time to kill.

In that regard, this book is perfect. Divided into neighborhoods, I could pull this book out and flip thought the short blurbs to find a sight of a museum to pop into. Given how minimal the accompanying information is to each listing, though, I would not suggest using this book to plan your entire itinerary. It is very bare bones; quick and to the point.

The foldable map at the back helps orient you to the neighborhoods, but it is not suited for navigation use while walking through the city given the lack of non-major street names and other details. The small, inset maps in the book are much better yet you have to flip through the entire book to find the correct neighborhood, which is particularly difficult when standing on a non-major street and trying to find it in on the larger map. I found myself using scraps of paper to mark my place and would have flagged the neighborhoods with sticky notes if I had them on hand.

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