Storm Front by Richard Castle

CASSTOR11-2Fiction — print. Hyperion, 2013. 314 pgs. Library copy.

Presumed dead, Derrick Storm returns to the CIA to help catch his old nemesis, Gregor Volkov, before he can torture and kill another wealthy currency trader. With the help of a beautiful agent from China’s intelligence agency, Storm discovers the motivation behind Volkov’s scheme — devalue the United States’ currency in half sending the global economy into turmoil all while position himself and his cronies to recoup their losses and restore Russia to its former glory.

This book is actually the first in the (printed) series of novels featuring Derrick Storm, although it is written in keeping with the characterization of Richard Castle (from the TV show “Castle) as a bestselling novelist and thus presents the characters as though the reader already knows them. It’s a difficult set up that, unfortunately, failed; I hate being told to love a character without being shown why I should love that character.

Whether or not this book is supposed to be a spoof remains unclear. Over the top with its cheesiness yet spins an interesting economic theory for the motivation of the villain. There is also an unnecessary connection to Castle’s series based on Nikki Heat, which I enjoyed, that made me wonder if Castle was trying to critique spy novelists who do this repeatedly or if I was giving him too much credit. Probably the later.

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