Say You Love Me by Johanna Lindsey

Kelsey Langston was left penniless by her parents’ death now finds herself entirely dependent upon the help of her aunt and uncle. However, her uncle manages to lose both his job and his own fortune, and he turns to Kelsey to help save the family. With little time to secure a marriage, Kelsey agrees to her uncle’s idea of selling at auction to become an indentured mistress to the highest bidder in order to secure her younger sister’s honor and future.

Lord Derek Malory is the reluctant winner of the auction, participating only to save Kelsey from a cruel, abusive man. He hides her away from his family out of fear what the scandal might do to the Mallory name, but in-house scandals change the course of his life and the attitude he has towards his relationship with Kelsey.

This was my first novel by Lindsey and, thankfully, I picked up more than one book by her from the library. The plot may seem a little far fetched, but Lindsey manages to craft an interesting yet surprisingly believable romance novel. The pace at which these two fall in love is rather unusual for Regency romance novels  — either the characters fall in love immediately, or their confession of love are the words on the very last page.

I haven’t read the other novels in this series so there were some confusing moments as I attempted to piece together their stories from the little information I was given in this one. At several times, Kelsey disappears from the story in order to allow readers to see the lives of past characters. Completely unnecessary and distracting when you are trying to read this as a standalone novel.

I suppose the most disappointing aspect of the novel was how rushed the revaluation of Kelsey’s circumstances was to the Malory family and her own aunt. The ending was tied up quickly and perhaps not in the most satisfying way as a result. Overall, though, this was an enjoyable read that I finished in a single night.

Book Mentioned:

  • Lindsey, Johanna. Say You Love Me. New York: William Morrow and Company, 1996. Print. 343 pgs. ISBN:0688142877. Source: Library.
Book Cover © William Morrow and Company. Retrieved: May 23, 2013.

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