The Real Culmination of “The Honors Project”


If you’ve wondered where I have disappeared to in the last few months and why reviews have been so spotty around here, I’d like to point you in the direction of the photograph above, which shows what I call the real culmination of The Honors Project. (And sometimes that was the nicest thing I had to say.)

Although, I stopped reading books for that project at the end of 2012, I have spent the last four months researching and analyzing data and writing and reanalyzing data and rewriting my honors thesis. It’s been a frustrating and dizzying and rewarding and academically challenging process.

I turned in the final, spiral bound copy early last week and defended just this past Monday. No word yet on if I received honors, high honors, or highest honors. (Actually, I haven’t even been told if I passed or not.) But it is such a relief and exciting feeling to know that I am done. Er, at least until I start my next thesis for my master’s degree in August. In the mean time, I hope to return to being a much more active participant in the book blogging world. I have missed reading and discussing books with you all terribly!


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