Blind Date with a Book

From Reddit, via Tumblr:

“My local library branch started doing this “Blind Date with a Book” thing, thought you guys might like it. The shelf was full when we got there, but was like this as we were leaving. The books are wrapped in paper and have different designs on them, and then a few words vaguely describing the subject matter of the book. Things like “Drama”, “Plot Twists”, “espionage”, etc. The only thing exposed on the book is the barcode that you use to scan the book out. I thought it was a pretty cool idea.”

I’m thinking this might be a fantastic way to get over the dilemma of choosing my next read at the library or even off my own shelves. Of times I know what kind of book I’m looking for or the type of subject I’m interested in, but every once in awhile I find myself standing at the shelves completely overwhelmed by my choices. Wouldn’t it be great to have things simplified for you?


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