2012 In Review

Originally, I planned to let 2012 end without doing a statistical rundown of my books read in the last year. Yet others started posting them and the nerd in me starting geeking out. I couldn’t resist.

This breakdown isn’t nearly as elaborate as years past. I’m still coming out of a reading slump, and I gave up updating my spreadsheet of information back in August so this is about all the information I could pull together without reviewing every single title on an individual basis.


Overall, I read 130 books in 2012. Of that, 69 titles were fiction (46 percent) and 80, or 54 percent, were nonfiction. This is the first time since starting this blog that I have read more nonfiction titles than fiction. I imagine the Honors Project had quite a bit to do with that! Unlike last year, the majority of the books I read were written by males at 57 percent with females writing 43 percent of the books I read. For the first time, I did not include a category for books written by co-authors of opposite genders.

I also read 44,737 pages in 2012. The shortest book I read was 34 while the longest clocked in at 1,141 pages. (Thank you, Stephen King!) The oldest book I read was written in -750 and the newest book was published in 2012. This averaged to a publication date of 1967.


Breaking it down from month to month, the effects of my reading slump in late October through late December is obvious. I’m accustomed to seeing lower numbers in September and February as the new semester at school gets underway, but I would have expected an upswing in November and December. No dice.


I’m still reading the majority of my books in print. I find the eBooks I have on my iPad are much easier to ignore and/or forget than the printed books I have on my shelves. This small percentage might also have something to do with how I source my reads.


Unlike the last few years, the majority of the books I owned are those I have purchased. I’m not sure if this is because I’m finally making headway on my TBR shelf or because this category includes textbooks, but I am happy to see the change! I still source a quarter of my reads from the library, and I managed to read the same number of books from PaperBackSwap as I did last year.

I’m not really in the mood to evaluate my goals for the past year. I finally a breaking out of this slump and don’t really want to dwell on the past. For 2013, I’m wiping the slate clean and continue on without any specific reading goals. Too many academic ones I need to focus on right now!

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