Fundamentals of Satellite Remote Sensing by Emilio Chuvieco and Alfredo Huete

6950461Nonfiction — print. CRC Press, 2009. 436 pgs. Purchased.

This textbook is one of only two books I’ve read in over a month, and I can’t even really claim that because I read the first half of the book back in September. Thus is the nature of a reading slump, I suppose.

Anyways, Chuvieco and Huete offer an extensive review of remote sensing principles — from physical principles to data acquisition systems and on to visual and digital interpretation techniques. The text focuses on the interpretation and analysis of remote sensing images and how they improve our understanding of environmental processes and their interaction with human activities.

Oddly enough, much of the text is focused on handling classified imagery. I’m sure this information would have been more useful had I (a) been handling classified imagery and (b) not been taking an introductory course. I’d rather learn how to handle basic imagery rather than learning everything you’d ever need to know about handling classified data. Overall, this is probably my biggest complaint with the book. Too many specifics and not enough introduction.

I did not enjoy the class this book was assigned for — which isn’t saying much considering I have not enjoyed a single class of mine this semester — but there were several moments when this book salvaged my understanding of remote sensing from the butchering that was lectures. The lecture on principal component analysis left me utterly confused; the chapter on PCA in this book made the technique seem like the most logical process in the world. For that, I am grateful I bit the bullet and read this entire book. I needed to salvage my grade somehow!


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