Let’s Read(-a-Thon)!

I very nearly decided to forgo Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon this time around. Vasilly‘s encouragement pushed me off the fence, however, and I snuck myself on the sign-up sheet before the start time.

I’m not sure how much I will be participating as I’m not on call for my job and thus will not be staying up till Hour 19 this time around. I also have some homework and studying that I need to do. But miss the read-a-thon? I just couldn’t do it!

I don’t have very many books on hand this year to select from, and it’s too late to make a trip to the public library. This read-a-thon is either going to go really well, or I’m going to find that none of the books on my TBR list deserve their spot on my shelf. Either way, I’ll be making progress on clearly off my shelves at school before graduation!

My selections for this read-a-thon are pictured above. I also have an eBook that I’m working on for my Honors ProjectThe Price of Politics by Bob Woodward. It’s actually really fascinating, and I imagine I’ll be devoted some time to that title. Those of you who caught my thoughts on part one of Every Man Dies Alone by Hans Fallada are probably wondering what that particular title is doing my list. It’s my current audiobook, which I usually listen to while working out or, in this case, making flashcards for exams. The other books are merely titles that appealed the most to me from the ten books I have on hand.

Like last April, I will be post a single post and updating it with my progress throughout the day. Look for it sometime tomorrow morning. Happy reading to all those participating tomorrow!



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