The Cartoon Introduction to Economics by Grady Klein and Yoram Bauman (Volume One)

7333109Nonfiction — print. Hill and Wang, 2012. 212 pgs. Library copy.

I spotted this book back in July when I was still living in Seattle and had run out of reading materials. I was tempted to buy it but settled on a different book and noted the title down for future reference. It wasn’t until I was at the local public library on Saturday that I spotted the book and remembered my prior interest.

Klein and Bauman introduce readers to the field of economics in this series, tackling my favorite subfield — microeconomics — in this volume. Many of the topics covered in this book are ones that I have been introduced and reintroduced to over and over again in my economics classes, and I don’t think my professors have ever been as entertaining as Klein and Bauman try to be in this book. It’s a nice, straightforward refresher course as I tackle some of these topics in my honors thesis.

If I hadn’t borrowed this book from the local public library I would pass it along to a friend who inadvertently signed up for an economics course. I think she could learn a good foundation of microeconomic theory to assist her in this course. Unfortunately, it’s due back at the library tomorrow and someone else has already reserved it. Too bad.

The Honors Project:

I read this book for The Honors Project, my own personal challenge to read more books about economics, food, and/or geography in preparation for writing my honors thesis. My goal for this project is to learn as much as I can about these topics so I can formulate better questions and, in turn, produce a better honors thesis. You can find out more information by checking out my introductory post, project post, or spreadsheet of titles.

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