Frozen Heat by Richard Castle

13482355Fiction — Kindle edition. Hyperion, 2012. 309 pgs. Purchased.

The fourth — and supposedly final book — in Castle’s series based on his muse (and girlfriend!) Kate Beckett finally solves the case of her murdered mother. NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat arrives at her latest crime scene to find an unidentified woman stabbed to death on a Manhattan street. With her is a suitcase that once belonged to Nikki’s mother, identifiable by the initials Nikki once carved into the leather.

Paired once again with her romantic and investigative partner, journalist Jameson Rook, Nikki works to solve the mystery of the body in the suitcase while she is forced to confront unexplored areas of her mother’s background.

The crossover between Heat’s case and Beckett’s case in this novel has me concerned about how tonight’s episode will go. I didn’t love the conclusion of this book; thought it was entirely too far fetch and difficult to follow.The appeal of the show — besides the unrequited love between the two main characters — is the snappy dialogue and for the most part it has been successfully translated from the television series to the book series. This time? Not so much.

The dedication is lifted directly from Castle’s declaration of love to Beckett at the end of last season, but that’s about all of the lovely insights into their relationship that one can gleam from Rook and Nikki’s relationship. Maybe that’s because this book is published in the story line of the show after the two get together. The two are trying to keep it a secret, after all.

This is getting entirely too meta. To wrap up, I love the show but this book did not continue my love of the book series.

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