Seattle City Guide by Becky Ohlsen

41kEpNuPR0L._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_Nonfiction — print. Lonely Planet Publications, 2004. 250 pgs. Purchased.

I have been calling Seattle home for the last ten weeks after relocating here for a summer internship. Having only visited the city once before (and even then spending all my time visiting colleges and camping on the San Juan Islands), I knew I had to find a guide to the city in order to find something to fill my time off work. This guidebook — published in 2004 — was the only one available at my local used bookstore.

Of course, there are problems with using a eight-year-old guidebook. Incorrect prices and timetables are the most obvious issues and were expected. I guess what took me off guard was how many activities and events have come and gone in the last eight years. The historic Waterfront Streetcar no longer runs, and two of the bookstores I had planned to visit have closed shop. Thankfully, another edition of this guidebook was published last year so these problems are (hopefully!) corrected. That edition will still be missing Chihuly Garden and Glass and the Seattle Great Wheel, both of which opened this year.

My thoughts on this guidebook aren’t all negative. I absolutely loved the walking tours through Seattle’s neighborhoods; it’s a great way to become acclimated to the beat of the city. It’s convenient size meant I could slip it into my purse for easy reference while out and about, and it’s dark coloring doesn’t scream “tourist!”. The introductory chapter, titled “City Life”, provides an quick crash course into the history of this city and offers many a suggestion for further reading.

I have fallen in love with this city but probably never would have done so or been so adventurous without this guidebook.


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