TBR Update

My short trip home two weekends ago coincided with Father’s Day and a desperate need for more reading materials. Living without internet, limited TV, and no public library card meant I plowed through the stack of books I originally brought with me. Whoops! I started pulling titles off my shelf and thus realized that my (physical) TBR pile is now limited to two shelves. Two!

I’m never been much of a book collector– certainly not to the extent some of you are – but my two bookshelves were dominated with unread titles and I’m thrilled to get the pile down to two shelves. Even better, that top shelf is of titles I’ve read before I started my blog and therefore aren’t true TBRs. So I’m really down to a single shelf. One! Never thought I’d see the day.


  1. Would it be crazy to say “congratulations”? Reducing your tbr stack to just a few books is a great accomplishment. Maybe if I stayed off the internet and temporary “lose” my library card for a few weeks, I would be able to reduce my own tbr bookcases. I guess this means your stack won’t last until the end of summer? 😉


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