The Stand by Stephen King (Part Three)

(Note: Spoilers are fair game in this post. I have so many conflicting thoughts about this book that I am unable to discuss it without spoiling.)

The final section of King’s gargantuan novel, “The Circle Closes”, is apparently included only in the uncut/expanded edition. I tried discussing my feelings about this section with my parents — no dice. The novel for them ends with the nuclear explosion whereas for those who have read the uncut version know that Flagg escapes the atomic blast and ends up on the beach of some unknown South Pacific island where a prehistoric people begin worshiping him as a god. Even though he has no memory of who he is, Flagg is determined to take over the world. Again.

I’ve mentioned before that I never got the stand I wanted in part two, and that feeling continued by the time I finished the novel. I read over a 1,000 pages only to find out that history will probably repeat itself. How depressing and frustrating and annoying and disappointing. King needed to ruthlessly cull his novel.

I’m afraid this is going to sound like I didn’t love the novel. Maybe that’s actually the case and I’m just too much in denial. Seeing all the tweets and talking about with my parents and strangers on the bus makes it appear that everyone loves the novel. I feel a bit like I’m missing out because while there are things I really loved about this novel, the more time I spend thinking about it just brings out all the negatives about it.

Book Mentioned:

  • King, Stephen. The Stand: The Complete and Uncut Edition. New York: Signet Books, 1991. Originally published 1978. Print. 1,141 pgs. ISBN: 0451179285. Source: PaperBackSwap.
Book Cover © Signet Books. Retrieved: June 6, 2012.


    1. Now I’m wishing I had read the original copy, Melissa! I imagine I would have been much happier with King at the end of that version. My parents certainty have happier memories than I do of the story.


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