School’s Out! Summer Read-a-Thon

Vasilly of 1330v and I were chatting on Twitter late last month about the impending end of the semester — we’re both college students — and the beginning of summer vacation. We decided to have an informal read-athon were we would read as much (or as little) as we wanted in celebration of our new found time for personal reading.

I moved for a summer internship and thus have been without internet for almost a week. The problem wasn’t rectified until this afternoon so I’ve actually been reading quite a bit over the past week. Still, it was nice to set aside sometime today to enjoy delving into a good book.

I started my new project book for the summer, The Essential Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe (edited by Benjamin F. Fisher), by reading the introduction and the selected poems included in this 642-page tome. I’ll have thoughts up on the introduction and poems sometime this week. I decided to wait on starting the tales and instead moved on to Flight from the Reich by Debórah Dework and Robert Jan Van Pelt, reading a 198 pages before the internet repairman arrived.

A large festival occurred downtown over the weekend so while I took time off from the read-a-thon to check out the Hungarian folk dancing, I brought The Sixth Wife by Jean Plaidy with me to read on the bus. That turned out to be a very good decision since the buses seemed to be on a major delay. Now to just find the time to write reviews of this book and others I finished during my long drive last week…


  • I read 534 pages.
  • I finished one book.
  • I started two more book.
  • I read for 7 hours.

Please feel free to share your thoughts

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