The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis

11948870Fiction — print. Bethany House, 2012. 326 pgs. Review copy.

Amish Michael Hostetler feels torn between his Plain heritage and the English world. He wants to listen to music an draw blueprints but he also doesn’t want to disappoint his parents or forsake his relationship with God. Englisher Amelia Devries is well on her way to becoming a world-famous violin player but her heart is drawn to fiddlin’ and country music, much to the chagrin of her parents and manager. A wrong turn in a heavy downpour leads these two wayward souls to one another, promising to forever change their lives.

A common theme throughout Amish fiction is the relationship between an Amish man and a non-Amish women, known as an Englisher. It’s a theme that has a tendency to become one giant cliche, but with this book Lewis proves why she consistently tops the list of Amish novels.

The last few books I’ve read authored by Lewis haven’t been my favorite but I really enjoyed this one. I was completely drawn into this tale, and I was thrilled by how little it devolved into one giant cliche. Michael and Amelia are both given the opportunity to develop as people, a reality that is rarely explored in Amish fiction. The characters are allowed to be flawed, allowed to stumble.

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