Naked Heat by Richard Castle

9422540Fiction — Kindle edition. Hyperion, 2010. eBook. 304 pgs. Purchased.

Unlike most of my family, I am not much of a mystery/crime thriller fan (although I do watch a lot of cop dramas on TV). The Nikki Heat series by “Richard Castle” might turn me into one, however. For those of you unfamiliar with Castle, which airs on ABC, this series of books is purportedly written by the fictional character of Richard Castle and based on Castle’s shadowing of one Detective Kate Beckett (the “real life” Nikki Heat). It’s like fanfiction on steroids!

In this book, Nikki Heat is working to solve two seemingly unconnected murders and deal with the fallout from Jamison Rook’s front page article glorifying her and her career. Part of her is glad that he’s gone; the other part misses him and their romantic connection terribly. Imagine her surprise when she appears at a crime scene and sees Rook sitting the dead woman’s apartment. The deceased woman is New York’s most vicious gossip columnist, Cassidy Towne, and several high profile suspects have a motive for killing her. Rook, who’s writing an article on Towne, knows more about the victim than Heat ever could manage to glean from interviews so she’s left with no choice but to let him tag along. Again.

I enjoy this series because the books are well-written, clever, and constantly remind me of the events in the show. It’s easy to pick out scenes or moments between Rook and Heat that are derived directly from moments between Castle and Beckett. I spotted elements from both 2.17 (Tick, Tick, Tick…) and 2.18 (Boom!) both in this particular novel and its dedication.

These books also feed into my fangirling as the relationship between Rook and Heat is very clearly the one that Castle imagines for himself and Beckett. Although Naked Heat is funnier than its predecessor, I did have a hard time keeping all the suspects and supporting characters straight between the periods which I did have time to read. Not going to stop me from reading the next book in the series.

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