I seem to be perpetually behind when it comes to book blogging as of late. Books I finished weeks ago have yet to be discussed, and I have several drafts just waiting to be finished. I haven’t left a comment on other blogs for weeks! Needless to say, Bloggiesta couldn’t have come at better time!

Bloggiesta is a book blogger-wide event focused on blog content, improving/cleaning up your blog or working on your social network profiles rather than reading and adding another book to the need-to-review pile. A wonderful way to get caught up those reviews you’re behind on, the event runs from March 30 through April 1.

I’m not sure how much time I will have to devote to working on my blog over the three days so this is less of a to-do list and more of a wish list.

  • update book log by author
  • update book log by title
  • update TBR list on blog
  • update TBR list on Google Docs
  • finish writing reviews of books I’ve read
  • create challenge pages for previous challenges
    • Chunkster
    • Scott Westerfeld
  • finish formatting the last 52 posts from my old blog
  • comment on blogs in my Google Reader
  • type up Sunday Salon post I’ve been meaning to do for weeks

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