Heat Wave by Richard Castle

6566722Fiction — Kindle edition. Hyperion, 2009. 196 pgs. Purchased.

A fictional book about fictional characters written by a fictional character? How could I resist?

Some of you may recognize the “author” from the cop drama “Castle”. This book is the first in Castle’s series based on his shadowing of Kate Beckett and, in this case, fiction mirrors reality. Er, fiction. In the book, NYPD Detective Nikki Heat is followed by journalist Jameson Rook as she solves a whodunit case involving murder and art theft. The only differences between this and the show are the characters names and Rook’s occupation. Oh, and the fact that Heat and Rook end up sleeping together.

I’ve been having a fairly stressful week and I wanted a break from all the dense nonfiction I’ve been reading lately. This book proved to be a great escape; I just I hadn’t figured out the culprit so quickly. Castle, or whoever actually wrote this book, tries to throw twists and turns into the plot but it is unfortunately fairly transparent.

I can also see why (the fictional) Kate Beckett was so upset that her alter ego was so sexualized. The way they end up having sex reads like fanfiction. Good fanfiction but fanfiction none the less. Even so, I will probably end up reading the next book in the series. I really like the character Nikki Heat, which should come as no surprise considering how much I like Beckett. Plus, my brain could use the mental break every now and then.


  1. I absolutely adore Castle! It’s one of the few shows that are “must see” for me. I read this when it first came out and felt as you did. This isn’t a dense piece of fiction, but it definitely works for a short 196 page companion for lovers of the series.


  2. It’s good to finally see a review of this one by a blogger I know. It’s the fist I came across. I’ll probably never pick it up. Is there a note about the *real* author?


  3. I’ve never heard of Castle! Or these characters. Not that I watch much TV but still. I can’t read crime fiction like this – I get bored – but it sounds like a pretty fun gimmick to have a TV character write a novel!

    (Hm, for some reason I had trouble leaving a comment – it kept telling me my email was someone else’s or something, so I’ve had to use a different email address. Let’s see if it works!)

    (and why do I always have trouble with these things? It really is just me, isn’t it??!)


    • It runs under the radar here in the States. Most of my friends haven’t heard of it but my mom’s family loves the show and I recently got hooked on it.

      (It’s not just you having problems with commenting. Seems like WordPress and Blogger are both having issues with comments lately.)


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