Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

1922731Fiction — print. Scholastic Trade, 1974. Originally published 1952. 184 pgs. Purchased.

One morning, young Fern wakes up to find her father heading out to kill the runt of a recent litter of pigs. Fern immediately protests the injustice and becomes the proud mama of a pig named Wilber.

But Fern is forced to sell Wilber to her uncle after the pig becomes too large and soon Wilber finds himself without friends and suddenly very lonely. That is, until he meets Charlotte the spider and her wonderful web.

Named a Newbery Honor book, there isn’t much more I can say about White’s wonderful tale that hasn’t already been said. I remember the animated film version of the book more than the actual novel but it is a story that I loved as a child. Regardless of form, the story is a wonderfully charming tale that celebrates life and friendship. Such a comforting reread.


  1. I have never read this, which I know is quite shocking to most, but it’s something that happens to me a lot when it comes to famous English or American children’s classics. It seems they were not available in the small-city library I had access to as a child. I do really want to read this someday.


  2. theveryhungrybookworm

    I had a spider that lived outside of my door for the better part of this year. Because of Charlotte’s Web, I couldn’t kill it. Instead, I named it Charlotte and said, “hello” to it when I came home. Love that book. Kind of miss the spider now that Winter has come.


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