Recent Finds

It’s been a while since I shared book titles that caught my eye thanks to my fellow book bloggers. (Hence the length of this list.) My goal to read more books off my shelves this year is incompatible with this list so I probably won’t be picking them up any time soon. No rush. They will all still be here when I decide I’ve read enough off my shelves.


  1. Ha ha, I find Jackie, Eva and Kim to be the worst influence on my book habit and I see that reflected here too! They read such interesting books, that every time I visit their blogs I want to add their latest to my TBR.

    Come to think of it, I could add you and Alex to the list of “bad bloggers” too! 😉

    These books sound great, Christina. I know you said you probably won’t be reading them anytime soon but I’m still looking forward to your reviews.


  2. Hello Christina, I’ve only just come across this post and wanted to thank you for the encouragement. It’s my mission to promote Australian writing, so I am thrilled to see that some of the books I’ve reviewed have made their way onto your bookshelves!


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