Recent Acquisitions

Three books have made their way into my hands over the past couple of weeks. The two photographed above — ‘B’ is for Burglar by Sue Grafton and Jane and the Genius of the Place by Stephanie Barron — were found on the table of books in my university’s library labeled “FREE”. I have read the first book in Grafton’s series and while I didn’t love it, I have always wonder if my so-so feelings were due to the audiobook rather than the story itself. Barron’s series star Jane Austen and I would like to read this book for Advent with Austen.

The third book, which is not pictured, is Linore Rose Burkard’s Before the Season Ends. This eBook was a free download for Kindle, and I have enjoyed the sixty pages I read over the weekend. Unfortunately, my school work is beginning to pile up and I have to set this book aside for a while.


  1. Such a recognisable picture: article + laptop. I try to clean out some space when I take a picture of books I recently acquired, but I actually like yours because I think it provides a better picture of life for you and me at the moment.

    Good luck with the schoolwork! And I am curious about Barron’s book in particular 🙂


    • Thank you, Iris. I used to try and clear off my desk in order to take “cleaner” photo. But my desk is piled full of articles and homework and to-do lists. The only clear spot is the floor.


  2. About Jane and the Genius of the Place – er… well. I know it’s a great hit among many Janeites, but it was the book that made me finally accept that Austen spin-offs just weren’t for me.

    Curious to know what you’ll think!


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