Ten (Nonfiction) Books I Read For School and Loved

Last week I shared a list of Ten (Fiction) Books I Read For School and Loved. This week I’m back with a list of nonfiction books I feel the same way about. It was much harder to compile this list simply because I didn’t read much accessible nonfiction (i.e. not math textbooks) until I reached college. Therefore, it’s fairly college-centric.

  1. All But Life (Gerda Weissmann Klein) – Easily one of my favorite Holocaust memoirs, I read Klein’s book my first semester of freshman year of college.
  2. All the Shah’s Men (Stephen Kinzer) – Kinzer’s book was assigned for my class on U.S. and Middle East relations sophomore year of college. I went on to read two more books by Kinzer – Crescent & Star and Overthrow — and plan to read more.
  3. Children With a Star (Debórah Dwork) – This book, which looks at Jewish children as they transitions for the world they knew to one of unimaginable horror, was assigned for a class on rescue and resistance I took my sophomore year of college.
  4. Fast Food Nation (Eric Schlosser) – I read this book for the first time for English class my junior year of high school. I reread it for a class I took my sophomore year of college.
  5. Holocaust (Debórah Dwork and Robert Jan Van Pelt) – I never reviewed this book when I read for a class my freshman year of college. But if you’re looking for a superb nonfiction introduction to the Holocaust, this is your book.
  6. Principles of Macroeconomics (N. Gregory Mankiw) – I read this book my senior year of high school. I’m now an economics major in college.
  7. The Terezín Album of Mariánka Zadikow (Mariánka Zadikow May and Debórah Dwork) – Such a pretty book for such a horrific subject. This book was assigned for a class my sophomore year of college.
  8. The Woman Warrior (Maxine Hong Kingston) – I wrote in my review that I couldn’t decide if I liked this book as its “literary nonfiction” when I read it freshman year of college. It’s still a book I think about today, though.
  9. Women and the Family in Rural Taiwan (Margery Wolf) – This superb ethnography was assigned for a class I’m taking right now during my junior year of college.
  10. World Regions in Global Context (Sallie A. Marston, Paul L. Knox, and Diana M. Liverman) – Great introduction to the field of geography as well as different regions of the world and how they are affected by local and global forces. This book was assigned my freshman year of college.


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