Sunday Salon: Fall Textbooks

Compared to semesters past, I feel like I’m taking it easy this semester. Not in terms of workload because I do have quite a few research papers and projects to complete, but in terms of how many textbooks I have on my shelves this year to look forward to it. Last semester, I was assigned a whopping twenty-one textbooks and read all but one. This semester, I’ve been assigned only nine textbooks; six of them are for one class.

  • Chinese Women Through Chinese Eyes (Li Yu-ning)
  • Daughters of the Canton Delta (Janice E. Stockard)
  • ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis: Spatial Measurements and Statistics (Andy Mitchell)
  • Growing Up in The People’s Republic (Ye Weili with Ma Xiaodong)
  • Intermediate Microeconomics (Hal R. Varian)
  • Poor Economics (Abhijit V. Banerjee and Easther Duflo)
  • Precious Records: Women in China’s Long Eighteenth Century (Susan Mann)
  • Women, the Family, and Peasant Revolution in China (Kay Ann Johnson)
  • Women and the Family in Rural Taiwan (Margery Wolf)

And that one class is probably the one I’m most excited about. Entitled “Women in Chinese History”, the course traces the evolving role of women in China from 100 B.C.E. to present-day China. I originally signed up for the class as my fifth-course but I ended up dropping another course so I’m now down to the normal course load of four classes. It may be too early to say this but I’m glad I decided to keep this class over the other one I was registered for. It’s already been a source of interesting conversations with friends. I also just finished one of the books for this class today. I hope to post my thoughts later this week.

I will be reading Poor Economics for Economic Development, and I’m taking Intermediate Microeconomics (hence the book of the same name). Both classes are for my economics major. The last class I’m taking is the second class in a series of four feeder courses for my master’s degree program. The course works with a GIS program developed by ESRI.

(You might have noticed but not all the books I’m reading this semester are included in the stack above. I’m still waiting for two to arrive in the mail.)

The Sunday Salon:

The Sunday The Sunday Salon encourages bloggers to get together –at their separate desks, in their own particular time zones– every Sunday and read. And blog about their reading. And comment on each other’s blogs. Salon participants are encouraged to blog about their time spent reading, pages read, information about current reading, discuss a reaction to a book, state what they plan to read the following week, or make suggestions for a group read.


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