Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister by C. Allyn Pierson (Reread)

8048563Fiction — print. Sourcebooks Landmark, 2010. 444 pgs. Received from PaperBackSwap.

Georgiana, the beloved but shy sister of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, is thrilled with her brother’s marriage to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. She’s always wanted a sister, and with her First Season just around the corner, she’s looking forward to having Elizabeth’s guidance and advice. There is also the minor issue of her love for her cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, who unfortunately views her only as his “little cousin” in need of protection.

It’s taken me a while to review this book bot because I didn’t enjoy it but because I’ve already read it. Originally self-published as And This Our Life in 2008, the novel was renamed Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister for publication by Sourcebooks. This is a typical with sequels to Austen’s classic and I am usually quite careful to double check before ordering another sequel. Some how this one just slipped by me.

In my review of the self-published version, I said this was a solid debut novel by Pierson. I also said “Georgiana matures in a believable fashion, and her marriage to her cousin, Fitzwilliam, a move I’ve never quite liked, made me change my stance”. I think this part of my assessment still holds true.

One thing I did not like the first time I read this tale was Darcy’s travel to the Continent to track down the Prince Regent’s letters to his secret wife, and I feel like that was a less of a focus in the book this time around. What I don’t know is if this is because the novel benefited from some editing before Sourcebooks published it or not. (I guess it might have benefited from editing simply because I did not realize that I had read the book before.)


  1. Thanks for your review! When Sourcebooks purchased ATOL they wanted it to be rewritten from Georgiana’s point of view, an idea which I liked. I rewrote it from start to finish, reusing some scenes and the basic plot of Georgiana’s emergence from her shell. Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister also has a new plot sequence and is about 200 pages longer than the original. I have had a number of readers tell me that they purchased the new book so they could see what I did with it and they enjoyed seeing the changes and how I reused or altered scenes.


    • Thanks for the clarification. I wanted to go back to ATOL and look to see the changes but I always pass along copies of my P&P sequels to others so I couldn’t. I really liked both the original and this new version!


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