Library Loot: June 2nd

I stopped by the library after running some errands last Friday with the intent off picking up a book I had on the hold shelf. Despite the fact that the hold shelf is the first shelf in the library after walking through the doors, I still managed to pick up four more books than I planned.

From Top to Bottom:

  • Middlemarch (George Eliot) — Eliot’s novel has been on my TBR list for quite some time. I figure it was high time I actually try reading Middlemarch.
  • The Amish Midwife (Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould) — This is the book that was on the hold shelf. I already read and reviewed it as the novel is a new book and therefore can only be checked out for seven days.
  • Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Jonathan Safran Foer) — One of the selections for this month for Reading Buddies over at Erin Reads. I’m especially excited to start this book as it has been on my TBR list for a long while.
  • The Big Sort (Bill Bishop) — Subtitled “Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America Is Tearing Us Apart”, this was a random selection I found while looking for a different book.
  • Gorillas In the Mist (Dian Fossey) — One of my selections for the One, Two, Theme! Challenge. I’ve wanted to read the book after seeing the movie version three years ago.

Library Loot:

A weekly (or monthly, in my case) event, Library Loot encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from their local library. Whether you vlog about or write about, the format doesn’t matter as along as you share what followed you home this week (or, again in my case, each month). The event is hosted by Claire and Marg.


  1. Nice picks! I’ve been trying to drum up enough courage to tackle Middlemarch. This is one of the few classics that I never had to read during my English undergrad. Also, I’m very interested in trying out Foer’s fiction. I read Eating Animals for a book club last month. Wasn’t too impressed, but I still want to give his fiction a chance.


  2. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve checked out Middlemarch and then returned it without ever reading a page. It’s definitely one of those books I want to read so I imagine I’ll just keep checking it out until one day I’m in the right mood to start it!

    Enjoy your loot!


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