Upcoming Readalongs

This month and next seem to be popular months for read-alongs in the book blogosphere. I’ve joined a couple of them and have been tempted to join several others. An inability to get access to a book has prevented me from joining all of the read-alongs listed below.

  • The Discovery of Heaven (Harry Mulisch) — I would have loved to join Iris of Iris on Books’ read-along of this novel as I have read very little Dutch literature. Try as I might, I have not been able to get my hands on a copy of this book anywhere.
  • Food Matters (Mark Bittman) — A friend introduced me to Brown Eyed Baker‘s cooking blog, and I was excited to see that she selected a book on my TBR list for her read-along this month. I have to wait until I get home at the end of the month to join in, but I am excited about reading this book and trying out some of the recipes.
  • The Idiot (Fyodor Dostoevsky) — I haven’t had the greatest luck with Russian literature, but Allie of A Literary Odyssey made this novel sound like fun! I plan to join her read-along, although I doubt I will have the first part read by May 19th.
  • The Iliad (Homer) — Allie of A Literary Odyssey is also hosting a read-along of Homer’s epic. I would have joined in but I did not want to overextend myself although I might still change my mind.
  • The Warmth of Others Suns (Isabel Wilkerson) — Vasilly of 1330V and Doret of The Happy Nappy Bookseller will be hosting a read-along of this award-winning book next month. Unfortunately, my library does not have a copy of Wilkerson’s book.

There is also Reading Buddies hosted by Erin of Erin Reads, which is more informal than some of the read-alongs listed above. The selections for May are Bel Canto by Ann Patchett and Animal Farm by George Orwell. I’ve read the later and highly recommend it!



  1. I wish your library had a copy of the Wilkerson book. I think this post is such a great idea. Many of these read-alongs I didn’t know about so now there’s a few that I want to join.


  2. Do try to join on the Discovery of Heaven read-along – it would be fun having you as well!

    I’m only 50 page in, but still hope to make the first deadline. Luckily, Iris is very liberal and is ok with us making our own schedule.


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