Recent Finds

A relatively short list of titles and reviews that caught my attention the past couple of weeks. I haven’t checked, but I’m hoping my library at home has these titles because they do sound really good. Only two weeks to go before I can step foot back in a library to find pleasure reading and not academic journals.


  1. Eva

    Heather made me interested in My Masaii Life too! I love Master & Margarita, and I read Fate of Africa several years ago and liked it (not sure if I’d like to as much now).


    • I wonder why you think you’re opinion has changed, Eva…

      I feel like I’m constantly ignoring the countries of Africa when selecting nonfiction, and I’d like to change that in the coming year. There are so many classes at my university on the continent, but I can never fit them in my schedule.


  2. A short list? Looks quite long to me!!

    Matt persuaded me to read Master and Magarita last year. It is very complicated and I think you have to read it several times to really appreciate it, but it is one of those classics that I’m glad i read. I hope that you enjoy it and any of the others you get round to reading 🙂


    • I really like retellings of fairy tales so The Coachman Rat sounds right up my alley. I’ve never seen Cinderella done ‘right’; couldn’t even bare to get past 50 pages of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.


    • Me too! Well, my wallet doesn’t. I don’t have access to very many discounted bookstores and it’s difficult to get some books of PBS so if the library doesn’t have it, I have a hard time getting a hold of it.


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