Books about Queen Victoria

Anyone who has taken a walk through London knows that the city is full of tributes to Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. But I didn’t actually feel a need to learn anymore until I took a break from my research paper on removing dams last night to watch “The Young Victoria”, a recent Hollywood portrayal of the early days of Queen Victoria’s reign and the beginning of her relationship with Prince Albert. The movie actually prompted Rebecca of Rebecca Reads to embark on her Victorian summer, and now I can’t help but want to read more about this English monarch.

This list includes books that are more of a broad introduction to the Queen and her life (as well as that of her husband), but there are a few that are more specific in their focus (i.e. the fact that hemophilia in European royalty can be traced back to her). All the books are linked to GoodReads. Enjoy!

“Queen Victoria and family”. Photocopy of painting retrieved on November 20, 2010 from here.



  1. That is a long list and I will surely keep the link to it to apply to it in the future. I am buried in several reading lists at the moment, but I do understand your need to know more about Victoria (and Albert) after seeing that movie. I felt exactly the same, even if I forgot about it again for a while. Thanks for sharing đŸ™‚


    1. Glad the list could be of some assistance. I really like making themed readings lists, in case you couldn’t already tell. I was hoping to read some of these over winter break, but my library at home only has one book.


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