Beloved Lord by Mallory Burgess

863791Fiction — print. Zebra Books, 1996. 507 pgs. Gift.

This romance novel originally came into my possession as a joke. I’ve been a bit stressed this week thanks to the inauguration of our new president (I’m on the alumni relations committee for my university), changing my mind and deciding to double major as well as the usual bout of work that is assigned the week before midterms, and a friend decided a “trashy romance novel” would make it all better. She also thought the badly photoshop-ed cover would make me laugh.

Surprise, surprise. I actually enjoyed Burgess’ novel. Taking place in Scotland in 1340, Anne Faurer is forced out of her ancestral home and into servitude on her own lands under the new laird of Langlannoch, a Englishman and therefore her hated enemy.

Bayard Berkeley, the new laid of Langlannoch, is desperate to find someone to serve as wet nurse to his newborn son after her wife leaves him soon after the birth and the wet nurse he hired from England isn’t expected to arrive for another two weeks. The baby’s pitiful cries cause Anne to do something she never thought she would do — set foot in the home that was once hers let alone serve as wet nurse for the child of her enemy.

But that she does and soon not only is she swept up until the conflict between Scottish and English but she’s also dragged Bayard and his son, Jamie, into her plot to free her brother from a London prison.

I thought this was a well-written romance novel both in terms of plot and smut, which is great considering it was 507 pages. I also liked how the novel was heavy on plot than smut rather than the other way around (although I’m sure the friend who gave it to me would not agree). Both of the main characters were well-developed, although I do wish Bayard’s wife had been fleshed out a bit more because she felt over the top at times.

A part of me is wishing I hadn’t read this book because now I want to read more in the series, but Beloved Lord is the last one in the series and it’s my understanding that the previous books would be spoiled since I read this one. Drats!

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