Novel Destinations by Shannon McKenna Schmidt and Joni Redon

51VJCK5nzeL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Nonfiction — print. National Geographic Society, 2008. 358 pgs. Purchased.

I had hoped to find a copy of this book or Book Lovers’ London before leaving for my trip to the capital city back in March. I wasn’t lucky enough to find a copy then, but I did find one for $1 last week at one of the independent bookstores downtown during my town’s Crazy Days sale.

The novel discusses “Literary Landmarks from Jane Austen’s Bath to Ernest Hemingway’s Key West” as well as what the authors’ call “Journey Between the Pages” which examine particular cities through the eyes of the authors to live and wrote about them — Charles Dickens’ London, Victor Hugo’s Paris, James Joyce’s Dublin, and Franz Kafka’s Prague to name a few. It also talks about book fairs, which I know some book bloggers frequent, in the states and abroad.

I’ve really enjoyed spending the afternoon reading about some of my favorite authors’ haunts and homes. I only wish I had the book for my trip to London so I could have explored some of the lesser-known aspects of London, but I was glad to see that I had visited most of the major highlights (libraries and homes) listed in book. And I’m excited to use it while I back in New England for school this summer. A day in both Nathaneil Hawthorne’s Salem, Massachusetts and Louisa May Alcott’s Concord sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

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