My reading habits lately have been quite sporadic in nature. I’ve been keeping up to date, even ahead of the reading assignments for my classes whether they be textbooks, novels, or journal articles, but despite have hordes of free time I just can’t seem to convince myself to delve into personal readings.

I have several books on the shelf above my desk intermixed with my textbooks, and they all seem to stare at me, daring me to pick them up and enjoy one of them. I know I have the time, and I know that once I pick any one of those novels up, I will more than likely enjoy it. It happened at the beginning of November with Anne Tyler’s Digging to America; I adored the first three-fourths of this novel and loved just reading for me.

I can’t wait to return home for winter break, to curl up with one of the books on my shelves under the warmth of my quilt, to just read for pleasure instead of work. But these days in the meantime have me rejecting even the idea of reading because the semester is coming to an end and I just want to rot my brain out with television and farming via the internet.

Photo © Me. Bridge over water. Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts. Taken: October 17, 2009.


  1. I have same feelings about winter break. It’s really hard to relax and take part in pleasure reading while school is in. Break just started for me today, so I plan on spending most of my time reading.


    • Winter break in high school was always right before finals, and I therefore had to spend it studying and working on homework. Plus my family would always travel somewhere to be with family, so other than out trip to Spain in 2007/08, break has never been a break for me. I can’t wait for that to change.


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