Quite a few people considered it cute when Pride and Prejudice was infused with zombies; I saw it as a mockery of a classic novel. Then, in July, Quirk Classics announced it would be publishing Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, and I said no way, no how. August saw the introduction of Mr Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange, whose first attempt at conveying Darcy’s thoughts left me less than satisfied.

And then I found out at the beginning of October Del Ray Books was jumping on the band wagon with Little Women and Warewolves, which is set to be released in June 2010. (Not to be out done, Quirk announced four days ago about it would be releasing Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls, a prequel to their bestseller.)

Little Women is one of the first books I remember receiving as a gift. My mom gave me a beautiful hardback copy that I love probably even more than I do the story. I thought this had gone too far with Pride and Prejudice because j’adore Jane Austen, but Little Women is a very special book to me and this just feels wrong. So wrong.

Anyways, what do you think about “monsterfication”? Should these classics be left alone? Or can you just not wait to get your hands on a copy of Little Women and Warewolves, Dawn of the Dreadfuls, and/or Mr Darcy, Vampyre.


  1. lena

    I’m not a big fan, personally. My boss loaned me a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies but I don’t know that I’ll be able to plow through it. I read the first few pages of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters and felt Jane Austen rolling in her grave.


  2. Initially I thought it was a great, quirky idea, but then I discovered that the stories aren’t re-written – they are just stuffing a few monster chapters between the words of the classic. I’m not impressed and so won’t be reading them.


  3. I think its an interesting idea and I wonder if it is a way to get men interested in reading Austen. I’m reaching here. I haven’t read PP&Z or SSSM, but I have read Mr. Darcy, Vampyre and I liked it as a book on its own. The language and characters are not really the same as P&P, though they have the same names. I like the ideas and how they were presented in the book, but I also enjoy Vampire fiction.


  4. I enjoyed P&P&Z. After that, the monsterification thing got boring. Mr Darcy Vampyre would’ve been good if it wasn’t about P&P. And taking classics and throwing monsters into it isn’t a new and fun thing anymore – it’s been done, it worked for that book, but now they’re going way overboard with it.


  5. Lara

    I’m also not planning on reading these. I wouldn’t want my version of ‘the next events in the story’ to be damaged, like I’ve read it’s done in Mr. Darcy, vampyre.


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