Professors’ Books

Professors Books

I tend to have great admiration and respect for authors, unless you’re this guy. I may wholly dislike their book and may not have enjoyed reading it, but I admire those that can put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and turn those plot bunnies hopping around in their head into a (usually) coherent story.All four of my college professors have written books. Though this goes hand in hand with academia, some of them aren’t bad. In fact, they’re down right interesting. (I’m also finding it a lot easier to tolerate the inconsistencies, annoying quirks, and authority of my professors because they’re written books. Because they’re published I have this subconscious idea they’re at least knowledgeable in their field.)

Two of the above books for textbooks for Professor Dwork’s Holocaust: Agency and Action class, and another two are for Professor Peet’s Global Society class. The other four are books written by my professors, but aren’t used in the classes I’m currently taking. (Maybe next semester…)

  • Holocaust: A History and Voices and Views are a little repetitive of one another, but present things I didn’t know.
  • Geography of Power has language issues and super long sentences that can cause a bit of a problem, but I find myself nodding in agreement with a lot of what Dick, as we’re supposed to call him, says.
  • I’ll begin reading Unholy Trinity after fall break in October. The cool thing about Unholy Trinity is that it was cowritten by former students of the class I’m currently taking.

Later tonight, I’ll be at a book launch for Professor Dwork’s new book, Flight from the Reich. My Holocaust Studies class is required to go, but I would have gone anyways. Why? First of all, I love book launches, especially when I get the opportunity to hear interesting people such as Thomas Friedman speak. And secondly, the book sounds absolutely fascinating. Like have to buy a copy, squeeze it in between the textbooks and novels I’m reading for school kind of interesting.

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