Library Loot: July

This library loot is bittersweet for me because this is the last time I’ll be checking books out of the William T. Cozby Public Library, and its very well maybe the last time I’ll see it when I return my loot.  I’m moving in exactly eight days from Texas to Montana, and then twenty-four days later I’ll be in Massachusetts for college. I’ll miss the ol’ Cozby; it’s where I got my first library card and signed my name — first, middle, and last — in all capitals.

Checked out Monday:

  • Angels and Demons (Dan Brown) — The prequel to the Da Vinci Code, but this one helps the Catholic Church rather than condemn it as Robert Langdon works to discover the Illuminati, an ancient, underground organizaiton. (I’ve seen the movie already.)
  • Life As We Knew It (Susan Beth Pfeffer) — A lunar impact knocks the moon closer to Earth, and catastrophically atlering the earth’s climate. The supermarket runs out of food, the price of gas skyrockets, and life changes forever. Life As We Knew It seems to be a popular choice on the blogosphere.
  • Specials (Scott Westerfeld) — The third and not-so-final book in the Uglies trilogy. I’m 86 pages in and so far it looks like it will be a great end to this popular YA series.
  • WITSEC (Peter Earley and Gerald Shur) — I picked up this nonfiction book about the US Federal Witness Protection Program after finishing The Girl She Used to Be. I’ve been interested in the program for a while thanks to “In Plain Sight,” and was thrilled to find this book at the library. It’s co-written by the founder of the program.

Leftovers from June:

  • Amy and Isabelle (Elizabeth Strout) — As Amy’s relationship with her mother, Isabelle, disintegrates, Isabelle is disturbed to find out that though she’s angry at Amy for fallen in love with her high-school math teacher, Mr. Robertson, she’s more upset to find out her own daughter is “enjoying the sexual pleasures of a man while she herself had not.”
  • Extras (Scott Westerfeld) — I’m waiting for Specials before I begin this fourth-but-not-really-in-the-series novel. Apparently, this one is about Tally’s world post-Tally.

While I’m hoping to finish all of these before I leave, I am trying to be realistic about that approaching move-out date. I’ve started Specials and from there I plan to read Life As We Knew It. If I have time, I’d like to read WITSEC, followed by Extras, and then Angels and Demons. I’m ninety percent sure I won’t get to Amy and Isabelle in time.

Library Loot:


A weekly (or monthly, in my case) event, Library Loot encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from their local library. Whether you vlog about or write about, the format doesn’t matter as along as you share what followed you home this week (or, again in my case, each month). The event is hosted by Eva and Marg.


  1. I’ve read Angels and Demons awhile back and enjoyed it. It was a page turner just like The Da Vinci Code was. I’ve also read Uglies but haven’t had a chance to continue on with the 2nd book yet. Enjoy your loot!


  2. How sad to be leaving your library behind! Hopefully there will be a good one where you are moving too!

    I really enjoyed Life as we Knew it. Very well written book!


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