Political Science Fiction Reads

I received a copy of the syllabus for my political science fiction seminar class today. The class is based around reading dystopian novels that deal with social justice issues. It was my number one choice for my first-year seminar class, so I’m pretty thrilled about taking it along with my second choice, Global Society. I’ve already read one of the books on the list, and I’ve had experiences with the two of the other authors.

You already know that I’m not a fan of Orson Scott Card, and I’m actually really upset that I have to purchase another of his books. The only upside is that I’ve read Ender’s Game, the first book in the series, so I won’t be confused when I begin the second book, Speaker for the Dead. I’ve read Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, and while I didn’t like it, I’m hoping to have better luck with Cat’s Cradle.

And I’ve already read The Handmaid’s Tale (my review here), but I’m not the least bit upset I’m reading it again; it’s a great book. The book I’m looking most forward to reading is We. It’s been on my to-be-read list for a while, and it sounds the most interesting of the books on the syllabus.

There’s also a collection of short stories I have to purchased through the government department when I arrive at school, so I don’t know which are included other than the one I have to read during the summer — “Meat” by Terry Bisson. You can read “Meat” in its entirety here.


  1. You can probably pick up a copy of Speaker for the Dead at the public library or at a second hand bookstore. Mr. Card won’t be getting any royalties from you that way.

    I think you and I share the same opinion of Mr. Card.


  2. @ cbjames: Probably. Unfortunately, my professor wants us to purchase the same edition from the campus bookstore, but I’m hoping to get a copy via PaperBackSwap or BookMooch. I’ve emailed her about how necessary it is to have the same edition, but she hasn’t replied back yet.

    @ Rebecca: I’m glad you loved it. It’s one of the most interesting books on the list, at least for me, so I’m hoping I’ll have good luck with it.

    @ Serena: Glad you enjoyed Blade Runner and have heard good things about Cat’s Cradle. Like I said, I didn’t enjoy the one Vonnegut book I read already, so I’m hoping to have better luck.


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