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Fugitive WifeCousin KateFalling Into the Sun

I seem to have stagnated on my current reads, The Fugitive’s Wife and Cousin Kate. Neither has managed to completely captivate me, and I’m tempted to move on to something else, particularly Falling Into the Sun by Charrie Hazard. I’m excited to start Hazard’s first book, which I received as a review copy, but The Fugitive Wife is a library book that must be returned in 13 days, and Cousin Kate is a book I’ve had on my nightstand for a while.

The Fugitive Wife by Peter W. Brown is about a Midwestern woman, Essie, on her times to Nome, Alaska, a gold-mining town, in 1900. At the point I have reached, Essie has begun showing off her ability with horses and is butting heads with Nate Deaton, the foreman of the Cape Nome Company. But the title steems from the fact that Essie has runaway from her abusive husband after the death of their son, and the jacket cover says that Leonard will eventually make his way to Nome. It’s filled with details, but I’m finding it a little slow for my taste. There are also some issues with the narrative’s tendency to jump around and leave strands of the story just hanging.

Cousin Kate by Georgette Heyer is a book I’ve started over again and again. The first time I picked it up I only managed to make it to ten pages, and the second I made it to sixteen pages. Maybe the third time’s the charm because I’ve made it to thirty-five pages and only stopped to eat dinner. Apparently the novel is supposed to delve into mental illness during the Regency period, but I’m not there yet; I’ve only managed to make it to the Kate leaving the house of her nurse, Sarah, for that of her estranged aunt, Minerva. Aunt Minerva plans to marry off Kate to her cousin, Torquil, but that has yet to come to light where I am in the novel. I’m have a hard time getting into Cousin Kate in part because Heyer has an ability to write sentences, despite having all the proper punctuation, appear and read like run on sentences. It makes things feel very long and badly strung together.

No reading today, though, as I’m helping my mom with our garage sale, which includes ten boxes of books. We’re moving to a house half the size of the one we currently live in and have fourteen years of accumulated stuff to sell.

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