Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

PrettiesApparently being pretty also means you use the words “bubbly” and “bogus.” Seriously? Have we suddenly been transported back to the 1990s? I have to admit, every time Tally or Zane or Shay or anyone used the words “bubbly” and “bogus,” I rolled my eyes. Which means I was rolling my eyes for ninety percent of this book.

I was pretty disappointed with Pretties; there isn’t much plot difference between it and Uglies. In Uglies, Tally want to be pretty, and in Pretties, Tally wants to be a Crim. Tally fights with Shay, escapes to the Smoke, gets lost along the way only be saved by another group she didn’t know existed, reaches the Smoke, and then betrays the Smokies. The only difference is Tally discovers how the cure David’s mother created at the end of Uglies works and the social experiment the doctors in Tally’s world run. And while it was nice to undersand more about Tally’s world, it just isn’t enough to carry Pretties. Oh, and instead of David making Tally’s heart going pitter-patter, it’s Zane, who always felt a little off to me.

I just wasn’t hooked by the second book in this trilogy, and I’m hoping the third book, Specials, redeems this series for me. My friend Helen ranks the series as Specials, Uglies, Extras, and then Pretties, so I know I’m not alone.

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  • Westerfeld, Scott. Pretties. New York: Simon Pulse, 2005. Print. 370 pgs. ISBN: 9780689865398. Source: Library.
Book Cover © Simon Pulse. Retrieved: June 19, 2009.


  1. While I thought there were some good points about this book, I completely agree that this is the weakest of them all (though I haven’t read Extras, so am not sure where that stands). Hope you enjoy Specials a lot more!! 🙂


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