Saving For Another Day

A couple days ago, I threw thirteen of my unread library books into a bag along with the ten I had finished reading,  and drove them straight to the library. Without looking back, I dropped them into the return slot and headed back home. Just having thirty-three books checked out of the library was getting a tad overwhelming. Eventually, I’d liked to read those listed below, but for now I plan to finish the ten I currently have checked out.

    • Accordion Crimes (E. Annie Proulx)
    • Alias Grace (Margaret Atwood)
    • B is for Burglar (Sue Grafton)
    • Emma (Jane Austen)
    • Envy (Anna Godbersen)
    • Everything is Illuminated (Jonathan Safran Foer)
    • Half of a Yellow Sun (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
    • The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet (Colleen McCullough)
    • Scarlett (Alexandra Ripley)
    • The Secret Bride (Diane Haeger)
    • The Senator’s Wife (Sue Miller)
    • Unaccustomed Earth (Jhumpa Lahiri)
    • The White Man’s Burden (William Easterly)


      1. Lu

        I know the feeling! I have 32 and it gets overwhelming. So I have them stacked in different piles around the house, so I never notice quite how many there are. I think I have 4 piles and some in bags. They’re all very manageable piles 😉


      2. I can see how having so many books would be a tad overwhelming (it’s the normal state of my apartment). I think I have it all backwards, since I generally binge at bookstores, but am very good at limiting library loans to less than 5. But I don’t always get to all the books I take out – sometimes by the time I get them home and have gone through one or two, I’m no longer interested in the other ones I borrowed, so back they go! As you say, they’ll be there waiting for you when you’re ready for them.


      3. Susi

        I have read a couple of the above and I can highly recommend the following:
        Alias Grace {Margaret Atwood} – I just loved it and I simply flew through the 500-odd pages.
        Emma {Jane Austen} – Well, I am an Austen fan so I have read this one more than once.
        Everything is Illuminated {Jonathan Safran Foer} – I really liked even though I can’t say I’d put it on my favourites list.
        Unaccustomed Earth {Jhumpa Lahiri} – Lahiri is my favourite author and I have read her novel and both her short story collection and she will probably never cease to amaze me. This one is so very well written and the stories are so wonderful – you will not regret reading this, I promise! Every single story is great, there is no story in there that I’d say is better or worse than the others – they are all great!

        But it still looks as if you have a lot of reading to do there. But then again, my TBR pile is not getting smaller either.


      4. @ Lu: Having the different, smaller piles sounds like a really good idea. However, since I live with my parents, I have to keep my things confined to my room, and six little piles of five would take over all my floor space.

        @ Steph: I probably would binge at bookstores more if I had the money to spend. As it is I spent all of my Barnes and Noble gift cards yesterday on three Georgette Heyer books in under fifteen minutes.

        @ Susi: I’m an Austen fan as well, but Emma is probably one of my least favorites of hers. This time around I had a hard time getting into the story. I don’t think Foer is going to be for me, and I didn’t even crack the pages of Unaccustomed Earth before returning it. It was on hold for someone else, so I unfortunately couldn’t renew it.


      5. Having stacks of library books can become overwhelming. I have a huge stack out right now. Many of them I’ve read but haven’t reviewed.I totally understand taking a stack back unread. Maybe I’ll do the same thing. I have two stacks of books on my nightstand, another stack by my desk, and the top row of my bookshelf is filled with library books. I try not to look at the stacks too hard!


      6. @ lena: Usually we’re allowed to renew a book twice, so we essentially get six weeks to read it. And by then I can finish them. But several of these books are on wish list hold for someone else, meaning I can’t return. And since I’m now a poor college student, I can’t afford racking up the finds.

        @ Vasilly: I prefer to keep them a drawer because out of sight, out of mind.{This also mean I sometimes forget I have them out…} But since I’ve swapped out my furniture for my old twin stuff (trying to get back in the habit of sleeping on a twin), drawer space has become nonexistent. It was pretty obvious how many I had checked out when I had to start double stacking them on my bookcase.

        @ Jackie: It’s blessing and a curse. Sometimes I can fly right through them; other times I can only read five or so before I run out of renewal allocations. I enjoy having a variety of books out at a time, but sometimes I just get in over my head.


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