Pemberley Shades by Dorothy Bonavia-Hunt

Pemberley ShadesPemberley Shades, originally published in 1949, is widely considered to not only be the first Pride and Prejudice sequel, but first published form of FanFiction. Bonavia-Hunt’s writing style is great; she conjures up beautiful images of Pemberley and the surrounding area, and characters that are true and believable because they are all flawed, all well-developed.

Yet, I thought the story was lacking that spark, that something special that kept it moving. It’s get dull at times with too many walks and turns about the room that lead to nothing. The first chapter and subsequent beginning is great, but the drama kind of dissipates until the very end. Pemberley Shades also claims that the cast of Pride and Prejudice returns, but don’t expect to see Mary Bennet, Charlotte Collins, Lydia, Wickham, or even Mrs. Bennet, which I found to be very odd.

It’s great for those that don’t like the more contemporary novels where Elizabeth and Darcy’s only concerns are sex, sex, and sex and the arrival of a heir, but I found it to be a little vexing its slowness.

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  • Bonavia-Hunt, D. A. Pemberley Shades. New York: Laughing Man Publications, 2007. Originally published 1949. Print. 320 pgs. ISBN: 9780979564505. Source: PaperBackSwap.
Book Cover © Laughing Man Publications. Retrieved: May 31, 2009.

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