Been There, Should’ve Done That by Suzette Tyler

Been There Should've Done ThatBeen There, Should’ve Done That is a small flip book filled with quotes from college students from across the country at small colleges and large universities about the secrets they’ve learned to stay afloat — and succeed — in college. Some of it is common sense such as go to class, suck up to your professors, and study, study, study. But some of these insights are things I never would have considered, and the majority are phrased in a way that makes them laugh out loud funny.

“The good news is having a printer. The bad news is everyone knowing you have it. It’s like living in a Kinko’s annex.” (pg. 13)

This would make a pretty good gift for a college-bound senior; I know I’m planning on including it in graduation gifts for friends.

Book Mentioned:

  • Tyler, Suzette. Been There, Should’ve Done That: 505 Tips for Making the Most of College. Haslett, Mich.: Front Porch, 1997. Print. 215 pgs. ISBN: 9780965608640

Book Cover © Front Porch Press.

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