The Confession by Beverly Lewis

ConfessionKatie Lapps’ identity had been shattered the moment she found the satin baby dress in the attic of her parents’ Amish home. Painfully torn from her close-knit community in the frightening ordeal called the shunning, Katie — now Katherine Mayfield — sets out to find the ailing birth mother she has never know.

I told myself I wouldn’t finish this series, but since I already had the sequel to The Shunning checked out and I have this need to finish what I’ve started, I decided to continue on with Lewis’ Heritage of Lancaster County series. What I found, though, was an absolute mess.

The Confession is completely disjointed as we add five more characters to an already packed house, and the reader jumps inside a dozen people’s heads. Conflicts arise and disappear with little to no resolutions.

With a predictable story line, the “woman she hopes to call Mother” is conveniently rich, but not rich enough to keep her daughter, and Katie’s — excuse me, Katherine’s –attempts to get to know her mother are stopped after her evil stepfather, Dylan Bennett, finds out who she really is. He is, of course, after her mother’s money. The whole long-lost boyfriend is very melodramatic, very middle school, Katherine continues to be a very annoying character, and the family that raises her continues to suffer.

Book Mentioned:

  • Lewis, Bethany. The Confession. Grand Rapids, MI: Bethany House, 1997. Print. 286 pgs. ISBN: 9780764224744. Source: Library.
Book Cover © Bethany House. Retrieved: May 8, 2009.

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